Your superpower for establishing
and growing client relationships

The world is filled with potential clients – and they don’t even know how much they need you.

Fontakt’s heroes will find these clients for you – no matter where they are – with the help of a magnifying glass, net or magic wand.

We’ll search through the data sets to find the right prospects, seduce them with the help of cunning technology and finally we’ll charm sales leads into becoming loyal clients. In any language.

In any country. We’ll be there. Let this be your shortcut to client heaven.

389m €

increased turnover for our clients

18 years

of experience in B2B sales

239 000

contacts made every year

Fontakt’s story

Faster, higher, further!

Fontakt is Estonia’s oldest B2B sales and marketing agency, which got its start from the ambitions of Siim and Rene, two young and enthusiastic salesmen. They believed if two men could move mountains for their clients, they could also bring their own company to the world stage.

Their plans came to fruition. In 2021, the former Klienditugi (Client Support in Estonian) became Fontakt – the old shoes had simply become too small over time. The new brand – Fontakt – now represents a global B2B sales agency.

Almost 100 sales professionals in nearly 40 countries are now working under our protective roof. We’re extremely proud of our team’s endless commitment – they’re our true superheroes.

We also focus on smarter work and use the latest technological tools to help. Our work now covers the entire life cycle of the client relationship, from the creation of large databases to contracts.

Our business is to grow your business – together we’ll go faster, higher and further!

Advisory Board

Meet the other heroes in our team.

Heiti Hääl

Founder and major shareholder of Alexela. The Alexela Group includes companies that are active in three business areas – energy, real estate and the metal industry.

Erle Laak-Sepp

Delfi Meedia’s long-term CFO and member of the board. With more than 400 employees, Delfi Meedia is one of the largest media groups in Estonia, which brings together newspapers and magazines that are flagships in the Estonian media landscape.

Veiko Meos

Veiko has previously managed Creditinfo’s activities in Estonia for more than 20 years. Today, he is committed to the reform of European data protection and its implementation in Estonia.

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For the media

Fontakt is a sales growth agency with activities that are based on technology, data and sales people. The agency develops and builds relationships with business clients around the world.

We have developed the sales activities of more than 1,000 companies in 40 countries.

Our clients include Alexela, Compensa, Ekspress Grupp, Rahmqvist, Schneider Electric and many other larger and smaller companies. Founded in 2007, the company has almost 100 employees and the Estonian owners of Fontakt actively manage the company.