Human abilities have limits. But they can be expanded!

Leave the sales pipeline management on your computer and you’ll see how you accomplish 50% more work.

The rock stars of the sales world.
Throughout the globe.

76 000

users around the world


years of experience and development work


increase in the number of users annually

Client management from A to Z.

Increase sales by working smarter

Don’t increase your productivity at the expense of sleep but organise your work better.

CRM provides an overview of each step in the sales pipeline by exactly knowing the various statuses of the clients. However, let your computer keep track of your recurring commitments and reminders.

Soon you’ll hear competitors sighing, “How does he do it all?”

Complete your projects successfully

Your right hand doesn’t know what your left hand’s doing?

With CRM, the project team will move in lockstep, because all the participants will know the project goals, deadlines and their own roles. Thanks to the comprehensive overview and data, you’ll be able to assess the potential of any project.

Provide client support and self-service

Provide the best client support in the galaxy. You can always be on time, in the right place and ready to answer any inquiry or question the client may have.

The client will be able to reach you by e-mail or phone, or by writing in the client portal. And you can direct each inquiry to the right employee.

Automate your marketing campaigns

Wake the clients from hibernation.

With automated marketing, you’re in the picture exactly as often as you need to be and can forward the most anticipated messages to each client group – be it birthday greetings or loyal client discounts.

Approach dormant clients on digital channels via SMS or by calling them directly.

Contact Center

The call centre knows who’s calling you, what language they speak and what service they need. If you’ve collected information about the clients before they call, you’ll be able to provide much better service.

You’ll also be able to plan your outbound calls better. Follow the call scripts and take notes. Listen to old calls and you’ll realise that you’ve become more and more skilled with each call.

Personalise CRM.


CRM can be modified to suit the needs of the company and its staff.


The data in CRM is always physically located in Finland’s top data centres.


CRM is ready for various integrations based on your needs.



Includes everything you need to use CRM, organise projects, provide client support and conduct marketing activities, but does not provide access to the call service.
Additional services can be ordered separately.

€ 399 per month

Marketing portal start
Ticket management
Project management
Standard SLA
Outlook plugin

5 CRM users
Monthly fee, each additional user: 49 €


Includes all the bells and whistles for those who want to do sales work at a higher level: call centre, personal phone number, call portal and Qlik Sense reporting. Additional services can be ordered separately.

€ 1199 per month

Includes everything in the
Regular plan, plus:
Contact Center
Contact Portal
Qlik Sense analytics and reports
Automatic billing

10 CRM users
Monthly fee, each additional user: 49 €

Answers to questions

As a company grows, the volume of different activities generally increases, information must move quickly and need to be shared between different employees. The role of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is to help the company manage sales and customer management activities and automate certain processes, and thus be more productive by using less human resources.

The Fontakt CRM is suitable for any company that wants to systematise and increase its sales and marketing activities. Most of the companies that use our CRM have more than five employees, but many are large companies with more than 500 employees. We have a broad range of clients, but our CRM serves them all equally well due to its great functionality. CRM provides solutions for the company’s sales and marketing activities and their management.

If you are looking for more than just sales management, or your processes are more complex than average, or you are using many different solutions today instead of one good solution. If so, then it is very likely that Fontakt CRM is the solution that we can configure with the most suitable functionality for you to support your goals to the maximum. Fontakt gives you CRM where your sales, marketing, projects, customer service and call center – are all in one place.

One of the advantages of our CRM is its great functionality, which can be deployed at any time and is pre-configured to work instantly for many businesses. We will open the CRM for you within 3 working days and implement your processes and activities there in the exact order that the benefits of the CRM will be from the first day of use.

Section background

Feedback from our partners

Since 2014, the Fontakt team has made sure that all the right people attend the events at the Saku Suurhall. Carefully thought-out preparations and wholeheartedly implemented digital marketing solutions along with personal phone calls are reasons why we cooperate with Fontakt.

Tarmo Hõbe

Tarmo Hõbe

Managing Director

The Fontakt team has become a professional and long-term partner for us. As a result of the cooperation that’s been perfected over several years, clients who are interested in insurance services reach out to us, thereby saving our time and resources. Fontakt works great as an extension of our sales department.

Tiia Prööm

Tiia Prööm

Marketing Manager

After agreeing on the task and objectives, Fontakt took full responsibility for all the activities based on the schedule. We also received additional suggestions and ideas which we can consider in the future. We’re totally satisfied with our decision to collaborate with Fontatkt. 

Leho Kuusik

Leho Kuusik

Member of the Board

For starting companies, an external sales team is especially important in order to get feedback and initial reactions from the market as well as test-clients. With the help of the Fontakt team, we’ve been able to effectively refine our client profile in Estonia and learned how to sell our product more effectively 🙂

 Ann Margit Sepp

Ann Margit Sepp

Sales and Marketing Manager

Highly recommended! The Fontakt team knows what they’re doing.

Voldemar Nellis

Voldemar Nellis

Partner and Managing Director