Marketing and its

Wake the client up from hibernation.

With automated marketing, you’re in the picture exactly as often as you need to be and can forward the most anticipated messages to each client group – be it birthday greetings or local client discounts.

Approach dormant clients on digital channels, via SMS or by calling them directly.

Campaign management

Recurring campaigns

Make marketing sustainable and create recurring campaigns. Choose conditions, the e-mail template and sending frequency, and CRM will do the rest.

E-mail templates

Create a unique e-mail for a campaign or event or save time and use your previous e-mail templates in the new campaigns.


With only a few clicks, change an e-mail campaign into an SMS campaign and approach the client even more personally. You can even display your company name as sender of the message.

Event management

All the guests will arrive if you organise in CRM. Make guest lists, send the invitations, ask for RSVPs and remind them of the upcoming event.


Surveys will help you find out what the clients actually expect from you. Send the survey by e-mail or make it into a script for a call campaign.

Marketing portal

Sales e-mails are still a hot item. Create attractive sales letters, surveys and campaign pages. Send e-mails, test their effectiveness and improve your results.


Create unique newsletters with the visual HTML tool.

E-mail templates

Create e-mails with the design blocks you like.

Scheduling the deliveries

Prepare your e-mail and schedule it to be sent out at a future date.


Create user-friendly surveys with the responses stored directly in CRM.

Campaign reporting

See who read your e-mail and when as well as how many links were opened.

Campaign pages

With only a few clicks, create a campaign page that supports your sales e-mail or newsletter.


The most personal sales are still made over the phone. Call the client, introduce your products or services, schedule appointments and increase your profits. Do it all through the cloud-based calls portal.


Click on the number and the call will begin automatically.

Record the calls

Don’t lose any important information. You can listen to the calls again at any time.


Conduct client surveys and automatically save the received data to CRM.

Book meetings

Browse and book meetings in another sales agent’s calendar.

Call notes

Take notes during the call and save them with the contact’s information.

Communication history

View contact history: recent calls, notes taken, responses to surveys, etc.


Design and send the client quotes and e-mails while still on the call.

CRM data

In CRM, you can create reports based on data learned from calls.

Filtering and sorting

Filter and sort the list of contacts based on various fields and values.

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