Calling a stranger
makes you feel uneasy?

We love making cold calls! We’ll lift the phone for you and deliver clients who’ve already been warmed up.

They’re waiting for our calls.

Detailed preparation, skilfully selected contacts and convincing callers.
That’s how we’ll get clients for you.

472 500

calls made in 2020


of the people we speak with continue to communicate with us

36 412

new client relationships established in 2020

How does telemarketing work?

1.We get to know your product or service

  • We get to know your product or service as if we use it daily.
  • Together, we will set the goals we want to achieve with the campaign.
  • We’ll write a convincing call script and train our telemarketers be specialists representing your product or service.

2.We’ll establish a magical Fontakt with the client

  • We’ll create an ideal database of your best clients and similar profiles based thereon.
  • We’ll phone those who might need your product or service and who will welcome our call the most.
  • We can introduce ourselves to the client as your partner or even as someone from your company.

3.We look at the data and plan for the future

  • You can monitor the fruits of our work in real time. This way, you can refine your campaign on an ongoing basis.
  • At the end of the campaign, we’ll analyse the data and provide you with a summary.
  • And repeat what works by copying and adjusting successful campaigns.

Other miracles can be performed over the phone as well.

Sales leads

We’ll separate the wheat from the chaff and bring you the ideal client – someone who is interested and ready to buy. You enter the picture once it’s time to shake hands.

Client meetings

We’ll arrange the client meetings on your behalf. The less you worry about doing business, the better you can refine the service experience.

Updating client information

Personnel changes, priorities change, and your databases become outdated. We check and update your clients’ information – so it remains useful.

Studies and surveys

As the saying goes, data is the new oil. We collect data and conduct research by phone or online. Use them cleverly, e.g., to gain a market advantage.

Sending invitations

Treat your guests respectfully by contacting them directly. We’ll inform them of your events and register their attendance by phone. Who can say no?

Telephone sales

You guessed right. The sales with the best price and quality ratio are made over the phone. We will conclude your contracts, sell your products, and increase your profits.

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Interested? We’ll call you. We’re good at it.

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