Data is the new oil.

You’ll have the use of the latest and most information-intensive company database in Estonia, which includes the contact information for all the key people. Purchase the data once or update it through CRM.

All of Estonia in the palm of your hand.

668 000+

companies in the database


times the data is updated yearly

1 m+

contacts in the database

First there is data, then come the sales.

The most comprehensive database

The more you know about the buyer, the better the sales offer you are able make.
We provide a wide range of information, including the company’s field of activity, size of the vehicle fleet, commercial space, etc.

Direct contacts with key people will not result in a sale. We can provide the direct contact information for the key people who make the buying decisions regarding your product or service.

The data is always up to date

We update the data for about 200 companies every day by phone and check the data on the larger companies and their key people at least once a year.

A large database
is half the battle.

Company information

  • Company name

  • Registry code

  • Company status

  • Form of incorporation

  • Turnover

  • Number of employees

  • Activity field (EMTAK)

  • Tax debt information

  • Phone

  • E-mail

  • Website

  • Legal address

  • Business address

Contact person’s details

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Job title

  • Area of responsibility

  • Office phone

  • Mobile

  • E-mail

Possible additional information

  • Size of the vehicle fleet

  • Ownership of commercial premises

  • Business affiliation

  • Import/export activities

You can select the following people based on their areas of responsibility:

Owner, Chairman of the Management Board, Member of the Management Board,
CEO, Assistant

Sales, Finance, Accounting,
Marketing, IT, Personnel, Public Relations, Development

Manufacturing, Administration, Logistics, Real Estate, Procurement, Purchasing, Vehicle Fleet, Machinery Park, Export, Import

Section background

Now you have the database but who will make the sale?