Client support and self-service

You can become the best client support in the galaxy.

You’re always in the right place at the right time. If the clients wish, they can reach you by e-mail or phone or by writing directly through the client portal.

You’re as fast as the wind and respond to client inquiries in just a moment. You can do this through a case-based system that directs inquiries to the right employee for immediate resolution.

Client support call centre

The call centre enables the client to contact you by phone. Summarise the questions to be better able to meet the client’s needs.

Support portal

With self-service, give the clients control. They will get an overview of their data, invoices and tickets. And they’ll be able to place orders in the portal.

Ticket management

You get an overview of the solved and unresolved issues that the client has submitted to your company. Nothing is overlooked with the management system.

E-mail scanner

Enable access to your e-mail from CRM. CRM detects the content of incoming messages and their sender and directs the problem to the desktop of the right problem solver.

Ticket notifications

Notify everyone who needs to know about a new support ticket, be it the client manager, the person responsible for the inquiry, or a problem solver.

Resolving tickets

Add a due date and time to each client ticket and schedule automatic reminders, so it can be resolved within a certain time.

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