Your client base,
but more profitable.

Give your client base to our data researchers. We’ll find the profitable clients in it and bring you other similar clients.

All of Estonia in the palm of your hand.


analyses conducted yearly


average sales growth
after client base analysis


of data is up to date

A client base that provides a
market advantage.

Know your clients

Separate the profitable clients from the less profitable ones and sell more to those who are ready to buy.

You save on resources

Tofu for a vegan and meat for a carnivore. When you target your clients like a sharpshooter, you achieve your goals and spend less time and money.

Hedge your bets

Remove companies with financial difficulties from your database and avoid problems early on.

Communicate more personally

A personal approach will bring a surer result. Create a message that speaks to each client profile.

Work more efficiently

When a query arrives, you already know what type of client you are communicating with and which special offers could suit them.

You achieve results

With a segmented client base, you can achieve better results, which also keeps sales staff highly motivated.

How do we analyse the
client base?

  1. We’ll expand the information in your client base by adding the clients’ turnover, number of employees, export-import activities, etc.

  2. We’ll add the sales figures to the existing clients.

  3. We’ll segment the clients into categories A, B, C and D based on their sales figures.

  4. We’ll identify the characteristics of each segment and, based thereon, create client profiles.

  5. We’ll identify the companies with the greatest purchasing potential among the clients.

  6. We’ll add new clients to your database whose profiles resemble those of the most profitable customers.

  7. We’ll also add important contact information for new clients.

  8. We’ll update the databases according to your wishes. We’ll add creditworthiness, debts and other information.

  9. We’ll make all updates automatic, thereby ensuring that the information about the clients and key people you are interested in is always up-to-date.

  10. We’ll continue to help you manage your clients. We offer CRM software that would further contribute to the growth of your company.

Section background

Now you have the database, but who will make the sale?