Overcome your growing pains.

Tell us how many clients you need and Fontakt will find them for you.
We will combine technology, data and experienced people to help grow your business.

How many clients are you looking for?

The number of new clients per year: 1 000
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This is how we find clients.

1.We do our research

We identify your wishes, goals and opportunities.

We analyse your company’s activities to date and your databases. We collect information about clients, competitors as well as products and services.

No stone is left unturned.

2.We prepare our plan

We recommend a plan for reviving your sales.

We create client profiles and databases that only target interested buyers.

We prepare and design persuasive sales materials.

3.We test our tools

We agree on the division of labour and roles.

You teach us how to represent your product. We’ll reveal the best secrets and tips on how to convert new sales leads into clients.

If you don’t have a CRM, we’ll offer you a functioning solution.

4.Fontakt magic

Fontakt specialists will start working for you.

We’ll become part of your company. We’ll be working in your CRM and we’ll be meeting your bold goals.

We’ll be consistently finding potential new clients who are interested in your products or services.


We’ll hand over the catch

We’ll hand the client over to you as agreed.

If you wish, we’ll only connect you with interested clients and we’ll arrange meetings for you either virtually or physically.

If you wish, we can also complete the sale for you. Fontakt specialists are fearless.

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Our business is to grow your business.

Endless resources

We will employ our CRM, services and large databases to serve your company’s goals.

Quick response

We’ll adapt quickly by increasing or reducing our resources based on your ability to supply your clients with products.

A long history

We’ve been engaged in sales since 2007 and during this time we’ve helped about 1,000 companies in 40 countries.

Local experts

We have local experts in each country who know the target market and have experience in B2B sales.

Guaranteed results

If the product you’re offering is useful, competitive and stands out, we always achieve great results.

Ready to find clients

Don’t waste your resources by hiring the wrong people. We’re trained professionals, who do our job well and on a daily basis.

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Too big a piece? Let’s start with the client base!