How to convert leads into sales


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When the new salespeople are asked, which part is the hardest, then the most common answer we get is – it is difficult to get the final confirmation word from the clients; because they do not know exactly, how they should act and what to speak, to get the agreement for buying. 

 This is difficult, because in these situation salesperson needs to think like a psychologist who can decipher her client and her reactions very carefully. It gets even harder when there was something wrong at the earlier stages or when something has left undone by this salesperson. This is where our small advice series comes handy with reiterating some basics of sales to ensure that we don’t miss what is important in the whole sales funnel. 

  • Listen to your client – every word she says is 100 times more important than any of the words that you are saying! And even more important is to understand what the client means. With a small advice: when clients says that she is hungry for growth, then it means that she wants the business to grow. From here onwards everyone can think ahead…  
  • Try to find out with your conversation clients actual objective needs! Sometimes client don’t know herself what the requirements of the business are. Sometimes she couldn’t get time to think about this. Every client is not going to start speaking about their needs herself, so the salesperson job is to ask right questions which go into very specific details of their requirements. NB! Don´t mix requirements with wishes – to change first ones into second one the salesman needs to do her job and sometimes it is only matter of time.  
  • While introducing your products or services be frugal with your words. Because every salesman could speak about their products or services forever. But client is not ready to listen forever. That is why it is important to speak only about the features or functionalities that meets the client’s immediate requirements and leave other info for the next time. It is important to bring out not this what clients gets but how exactly the product or service meets client requirements. 

And now finally this, how to get the long-waited YES – assuming that everything that is mentioned above is done and done well.  

  • Confirm the client requirements in a way that you phrase them again using the terminology of your products or services.  
  • Don’t get discouraged after first NO and request meetings second or even third time rephrasing your pitch differently every time.  
  • Refer to what client have said before while asking confirmation. 

 And always remember that even if you don’t get YES this time then there is nothing wrong with it. Try to end the pitch on a positive note without caring about the negative outcome – because you have already done some good groundwork and the next time, chances will be high to get a deal closed. 

 Fortune favours the brave! 


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