Whether sales is omnipotent or not?


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In other words: is it possible to sell everything and does the result depends only on how good your sales team is?Probably every manager had thoughts about outsourcing the sales activities to an organisation which specialises in selling. This would help to get rid of some of the problems that sales team faces like constantly finding new salespeople, train them and keep motivating them from time to time. Wouldn’t it be great to just engage with external partners for the KPIs that they deliver, and the business just keeps growing.
But it brings us to the question if a strong sales team is sufficient to bring the business irrespective of products or services? Let`s examine this closely.It is true that every product or service can be sold if the price is right for a potential buyer. But there is a limit to lowering the price because no business wants to close a sale with a net loss. Sometimes products or services are bought irrespective of their price, but it happens only in certain cases e.g. when the it is really needed and there is no alternative or when buyer is sold on the brand name and is willing to pay for it. Unfortunately, these purchases form a fraction of products or services in the market. To sell them at relatively higher prices to the potential clients, it is important to look into a few things which are very important.
What could be the USP of products or service? It could be:

  • price point (cheaper than similar product or service from other players in the market)
  • better quality (higher quality/ more durable)
  • novelty (innovative product which is far better than the options available)
  • wide range (products or service selection is much bigger than competitors have)
  • compatability (flexibility to customize)
  • loyal customer base (a regular customer base who is open to buy goods or services on preferential terms)
  • better customer service and after sale support (better payment terms, free delivery, online administration, anything that competitiors don’t offer)

Key terms to be noted here is better than other players in market or competitors which define these USPs. This is the unique sales point of products or service and you have to keep in mind while selling things like this which are unique. After all this is designed/created and ready, comes the point when we need to formulate a stratey which can deliver amazing sales numbers. And then is the time to deploy Fontakt or some other sales specialist partner who offers to work on a schedule or plan for delivering the sales targets. To get more informed about Fontakt services take a look at here.


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