Telemarketing and doing it successfully


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When speaking on the phone, it doesn’t matter whether the speaker is wearing a tie and suit or sweatpants. Whether one’s hair is cut and nails cared for. Or whether you brushed your teeth in the morning. Yet, there are things that do matter. Let’s go through them.

  • It matters who you call, and who you don’t. After all, institutions, companies and other legal entities operate in very different fields. Some people only need paper and pen for their work, while others need an entire factory. Some have three-digit budgets, while others earn and spend tens of millions or even hundreds of millions. It’s clear that their needs and the products or services offered to them can be very different and there’s no point in offering the same thing to all of them. And this is where a database of potential customers comes in, from which one can compile a target group that includes those who would most probably buy the given product or service. Fontakt can help and do this for you – see more HERE.
  • It’s important who you call. Even in two-person companies, the responsibilities are usually divided between them – and so is the decision-making. Decisions also have to be made about what is needed in the company’s work and what should be bought, leased or acquired. There is no point for a telemarketer to talk to the head of the IT department about vehicles or the training manager about electrical equipment.  And do you have any information at all about who is responsible for what and who makes the decisions. At least, this information is available in one database – look HERE
  • When to make the call is always important. The goal is to make sure that no promises remain unkept, or no agreed deadlines are missed. Often, a single call, a single contact, is not enough to complete the sales process. Often, the sales process consists of many contacts, of which one particular phone call is only a part. Ideally in this so-called sales pipeline, each contact and the time to make the call is recorded. However, only a notebook, be it on paper or on a computer, is sure to be insufficient. But there’s an assistant for this, who records every past and future contact with the client and doesn’t let you forget any of them – learn more about client management HERE.
  • Of course, you also have to keep in mind how to call, in other words – you have to take into account the specifics of telephone sales. The speaker’s voice is also important – it can indicate what kind of mood they’re in, whether they believe what they’re saying, how they feel about the client and much more. Pauses are important, as well as whether the client is allowed to speak. All of this requires knowledge and practice, and not everyone can become a good telemarketer. If it seems that help is needed or that someone else should do the job, Fontakt has its own, professional and experienced team – read more HERE.

Telemarketing is undoubtedly an opportunity. Make it a reality for yourself!


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