Preparations for successful sales work


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We give salespeople their tools, teach them how to book orders, put them to work and wait for the results … which don’t come. Does that seem familiar? This example was a bit extreme, but in milder form it’s a very common occurrence. What went wrong? What should have been done differently? Here’s where the preparations for the game – both for the sales work in the company generally, and for salespeople – come into play. We look at these things first, i.e., what the company could and should do for the sales work to be successful.

  • The clients come to mind as being the most important. The worst situation is when every salesperson has to find the clients on their own. It’s a little better if some kind of non-systematised database exists. And of course, it’s best if the names that reach the salesperson’s desk represent people who are already interested in the specific product or service. An entire range of possibilities exist between these two extremes. Certainly, every company can accomplish something — as long as it has the necessary resources and skills to do. But if they don’t exist or are insufficient? Find out what to do, HERE.
  • Good segmentation of the client base is important. After all, not all clients are interested in the products or services you are selling no matter how good they may be. The decisive factor for each client is still the purchasing potential, i.e., how likely they are to buy or order, and how large the purchase or order could be. A whole range of factors can have an impact, from the client’s field of activity and location to its financial situation. Figuring all this out can be quite a headache, unless you get help from professionals who know all ins and outs. Luckily, they exist. Read more HERE.
  • Supportive marketing measures – at the beginning and during the sales process – ensure that the clients are already familiar with the product or service. There are many techniques for accomplishing this and they require both expertise and resources. Even if your company lacks the necessary resources, we can still provide the solution. Learn more HERE.
  • Give your salespeople the tools that prevent their customer contacts from getting lost and saves them all in real time. Thus, the departure or temporary absence of any one salesperson won’t have an impact – the customer inquiries will be answered and sales management data will always be available, so that quick and justified changes can be made if necessary. You can read more about all these necessary tools HERE and HERE.

The preparations have been made – now you’re ready for a really successful sales job!


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